Washington, DC/Baltimore, MD,
11:19 PM

Benjamin Watson’s “One More” Foundation Partners with IJM to Fight Sex Trafficking

Today, International Justice Mission proudly announced a new partnership with One More, a foundation established in 2008 by Baltimore Ravens tight end, Benjamin Watson and his wife, Kirsten Watson, with a mission to spread the love and hope of Christ to One More soul by meeting real needs, promoting education and providing enrichment opportunities through charitable initiatives and partnerships.

In partnership with IJM, the world’s largest international anti-slavery organization working to combat human trafficking, modern day slavery, and other forms of violence against the poor, the Watsons will be joining in the fight to end the scourge of sex trafficking around the world.

"We are honored to join with such a dedicated group of men and women to end sex trafficking around the world,” said Benjamin and Kirsten Watson. “It is our hope that we can help raise awareness for this issue as we all play a part in ending this atrocity and bringing the perpetrators to justice. We can not be silent."

“It is immensely humbling and encouraging when those with great influence use it to lift up those who would otherwise be forgotten,” said Gary Haugen, CEO of IJM. “On behalf of those we seek to serve at IJM, we’re so grateful for the Watson family and how they have come alongside us as we work to combat sex trafficking around the world. Their contribution to this fight will no doubt make a significant impact for so many victims and survivors.”

“The 'One More Rescue Fund' is making rescue and restoration possible in places of great need," said Jaclynn Willert, who leads IJM's Pro Athlete Program. "We are overjoyed to partner with Benjamin and Kirsten to seek justice on behalf of the oppressed. They are joining a growing movement of pro athlete families at IJM committed to this fight to end slavery once and for all."

Today, there are more than 45 million people trapped in modern day slavery, and an estimated 2 million children are sold into the commercial sex trade each year. IJM works with law enforcement in 17 communities across the developing world to rescue victims, restore survivors, prosecute perpetrators, and transform broken public justice systems so that they work to protect the poor.

To learn more about IJM’s Pro Athlete Program, please contact Jaclynn Willert at 202-480-3895 or jshearer@ijm.org.

About One More: One More was established in January 2008 and is a 501(c)3 public charity. The Foundation serves as an extension of Kirsten and Benjamin as they reach out to the community with faith in God as their foundation. It also allows them to support and partner with those who share their desire to make a positive difference in the world.

About IJM: International Justice Mission is the world’s largest international anti-slavery organization, working to end modern-day slavery, human trafficking and other forms of violence against the poor by rescuing and restoring victims, restraining perpetrators, and transforming broken public justice systems. Learn more at www.ijm.org.