Washington, DC,
03:30 PM

David Brooks on Meet The Press: Law and Order are Central to Fighting Poverty

Appearing on Meet the Press this past Sunday, January 11, New York Times columnist David Brooks drove an important point home: law and order are central to development and fighting poverty.

In a panel conversation with Meet the Press host Chuck Todd surrounding the recent attacks in Paris and Nigeria, Brooks said, "The central anti-poverty program is law and order." Brooks further explained that rule of law and public justice are foundational to development and pointed to IJM as an organization striving to implement both.

Brooks also mentioned the important work of our friends at ONE and the Gates Foundation. While at IJM we have seen firsthand that strong public justice systems and basic protection from violence are critical elements in fighting poverty, so is the transformational work of these organizations and so many others who have joined together with a shared mission of peace, health, and prosperity for all. 

Watch the Meet the Press Clip below: 

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