11:15 PM

He Used Social Media to Advertise Girls: Now They're Safe

A man who was apparently using social media to advertise young women for sexual exploitation—including minors—was arrested this week in the Philippines during an undercover rescue operation. Four young women, including a 17-year-old girl, are now at a safe center debriefing with social workers.

The rescue operation took place on April 6, 2016. It was the second operation for the new national anti-trafficking unit, called the Women and Children’s Protection Center, Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division. (IJM led a two-week investigations training for these officers in December 2015.)

The man arrested in this latest operation is potentially part of a larger network of pimps using the internet to find customers. Having a specialized, nationwide unit highlights the government’s serious commitment to sustainably and strategically end human trafficking—no matter where it takes place.


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