Kampala, Uganda,
10:12 PM

IJM to Consult on World Bank Project Combating Violence Against Children in Uganda

In September IJM signed a contract with the Uganda Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development to provide consultancy services for a new World Bank funded project to address violence against women and children in Western Uganda

“I believe this is the first time a host country will pay for IJM to coach public justice system actors on IJM’s multi-disciplinary approach to casework,” said Shawn Kohl, National Director for IJM Uganda. “Our goal is to build capacity and develop a working model for addressing violence against women and children that can be adapted throughout the country.”

According to the Uganda Demographic and Health survey (2012) more than half of 15-19 year old girls have experienced physical or sexual violence. In an effort to reduce this large number of children who remain exposed to abuse, exploitation, and violence in western Uganda, IJM will support the ministry in casework management by setting up community level referral mechanisms, legal counseling, and aftercare for child survivors of sexual violence.

Since opening an office in Kampala in 2002, IJM has established strong relationships with public justice system actors combatting land theft in Uganda. This contract with the Ministry of Gender opens a new chapter of deepened partnership and collaboration with government ministries, the World Bank and other partners.

While child protection continues to be a critical challenge in Uganda, this project will enhance services and build strong violence prevention programs for child survivors and those most at risk of sexual violence.

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