Washington, D.C.,
08:23 PM

MLB All-Star Chris Davis Pledges Support for International Justice Mission to Fight Modern-Day Slavery

Major League Baseball All-Star Chris Davis and his wife Jill are continuing to expand their philanthropic work internationally to bring rescue to children, women and men trapped in modern-day slavery by partnering with International Justice Mission (IJM). As the world’s largest international anti-slavery organization working to combat human trafficking, Davis has generously pledged $1,000 to IJM for every run he scores throughout the 2018 Baltimore Orioles season. Today marks Davis’ seventh run of the season which will provide funding for more than the average cost of an entire operation rescuing individuals from slavery.

“When my wife and I first learned that modern-day slavery still exists, we had to do something and were moved to action. As a dad of three little girls, I want every child to experience the same freedom that my kids experience, so our support of IJM is one way to help make that possible,” said Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles.

“We are thankful that the Davis family continues to come alongside IJM to join in the global justice movement fighting to end slavery in our lifetime,” said Gary Haugen, CEO and Founder of IJM. “IJM wouldn’t be able to protect the poor from violence without the critical resources and awareness about the issue that people like Chris and his family are bringing to the attention of baseball fans and the greater public.”

“We are overjoyed to be partnering with the Davis’ for the 2018 baseball season and are grateful for their support and willingness to use their platform for the greater good,” said Jaclynn Willert, Director, Professional Athlete Partners and Programs at IJM. “The pros that participate in IJM’s TEAM FREEDOM program are making a huge impact and bringing rescue all around the world.”

Today, there are more than 40 million people trapped in modern-day slavery, and an estimated 2 million children are sold into the commercial sex trade each year. IJM works with law enforcement in 17 communities across the developing world to rescue victims, restore survivors, prosecute perpetrators and transform broken public justice systems so that they work to protect the poor.

To learn more about IJM’s Pro Athlete Program TEAM FREEDOM, please visit https://www.ijm.org/team-freedom or contact Jaclynn Willert at 202-480-3895 or jwillert@ijm.org.