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With Americans Working More Hours, Mission Matters

An American Time Use survey reveals that a typical employed person in the U.S. now works 7.8 hours a day. Whether spent on momentous meetings, engaging writing, groundbreaking research or cunning strategy, people across the country are dedicating nearly eight hours to their employers.

At International Justice Mission, we spend our eight hours (or more!) a day on a mission that matters. Last year, IJM helped to rescue 4,376 people from violence and oppression and restrain 372 criminals. But this truly world-changing mission would be impossible without the committed and talented employees who have dedicated themselves to seeking justice day-in and day-out.

Sound intriguing? Our staff thinks so. And now you, too, could have the opportunity to use your unique skills and precious work hours to change lives. Meet a few of our staff and hear why they chose a career at IJM.

1. The work is challenging and fulfilling

"I love solving puzzles, and working as a researcher is like solving one puzzle after another. I came to IJM after spending over six years as a corporate researcher at a Big Four accounting firm. Now I spend every day researching and analyzing information for our fundraising team so that we can grow the movement and protect millions from everyday violence."   

Thomas, Strategic Partnerships Research Manager 


2. IJM is both professional and passionate for justice

"After years in the corporate world, a growing burden over human trafficking and a fervent desire to finish well in career and life brought me to IJM to support finance operations for our amazing Field Offices. I never imagined that faith, professionalism and passion for justice could be so seamlessly integrated, but this is the reality I’ve enjoyed at IJM for six years and counting!"

Sandy, Director of International Finance

3. Staff are working for a mission that matters

"I spent ten years working on humanitarian issues around the world. I joined IJM to bring my program management and evaluation skills to an equally compelling issue – those suffering from violence. My job is to bring evidence to bear for the mission – the scale of the crime, gaps and opportunities in the justice system, and the measureable impact of IJM’s work. I love that I get to do the work with tremendously committed and fun people." 

Terence, Director of Program Design and Evaluation


4. IJM is inspired by God's call to love all and seek justice

Every case and client IJM engages with is a response to God’s call on us to be the channel of His love and mercy. My own role within this broader mandate is to oversee our efforts to bring that vision to the body of Christ worldwide. What could be better than being God’s hands and feet in this world, and helping His Church become one?

Abey, Director of Field Office Church Mobilization


5. The IJM team is a tight-knit community

I graduated from college with a degree in Human Rights Policy and came to IJM shortly thereafter, motivated to rally others around the mission. My team says I’m a scheduling ninja because I coordinate hundreds of interviews and support recruiting efforts that bring the critical people we need to do the work. The best part of working at IJM is the staff; my colleagues are also my friends, mentors, and the most fun and dedicated people I know.

Bethany, Recruiting Coordinator

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International Justice Mission is the world’s largest international anti-slavery organization, working to end modern-day slavery, human trafficking and other forms of violence against the poor by rescuing and restoring victims, restraining perpetrators, and transforming broken public justice systems. Learn more at www.ijm.org.